Two years ago I was at complete rock bottom. During previous dark moments I would numb the pain with temporary fixes, but this time it was so much different and I’m proud to talk about the results today.

I have become more attuned with myself in the last couple of years.

Art has allowed me to transform everything that was negative in my life. Since I can remember, I have always had a love for drawing and painting. I did not pursue that love for a long time because I sort of lost touch with it. When moving back to Seattle, to escape heartache, I released everything on canvas I was coping with instead of resorting to my old ways. 

Goals were set to keep me motivated and I started planning my first art show within a couple months of me moving back. As a result of my first successful show, I developed an even greater love for art and this time I decided to pursue it.

Art has dug me out of such a crazy time in my life and I am forever grateful for it. Because of it, I have met some of the most amazing people who are definitely lifers. Not all of them are creatives, but they appreciate my craft and fully support me. Others are creatives themselves and push me to be better. 

Cristina, fellow artist by the name of @sew_trill, and I met on social media. Instantly falling in love with her work which was primarily her clothing line and fashion sketches drove me to extend an invitation to my art show The Feels. She set up as a vendor to sell her "sack dresses". Cristina had expressed interest in sharing her paintings at the next show, but was nervous because she had yet to share this art form with others.

Our friendship grew as Cristina was involved in future shows. I curated a gallery that Summer that featured her two beautiful children and herself. Ever since then, we have continued to want to create together. I remain blown away with how Cristina has evolved, it’s inspiring.

"My goal with this show is to create a safe space. I feel like part of my purpose here on Earth is to breakdown the walls that keep people from freely interacting. You don’t have to label yourself as a creative to feel the power that a personal journey with art can give you. Let’s breakdown those barriers. Let’s just be free. Free from self, free from judgement, free from what society tells you you’re supposed to be. I am a single mom with 2 young kids. Society doesn’t tell me my art can change the world. It doesn’t tell me that my art can make a difference, but I know what I’m capable of. I encourage everyone to see themselves in that same light."

- Cristina M.


This project we are working on and starting to let people in on, is going to be the most raw and soul pleasing art event I have ever been apart of. We have been doing crazy studio sessions until multiple sunrises trying to get everything we have out on canvas. Our lives have both been so hectic in completely different ways. We’ve been leaning on one another to push through mentally and creatively.

This show will be solely based on sisterhood, women empowerment, people of color, and spirituality.

We want to share with everyone all of the things we feel so strongly about and hope to keep inspiring the people around us.